Learning English at Elo,

It’s easy!

Your reasons

– For curiosity, culture, travels
– To maintain / refresh my English
– To communicate with my work colleagues
– To fulfil professional tasks
– To prepare my diploma
– To improve school performance

What is your level?

A1 Beginner
A2 Advanced beginner
B1 Intermediate
B2 Advanced intermediate
C1 Fluent
C2 Fully fluent

Our options and prices

– Individual courses: between 75 & 80 CHF / Hour – 30, 50 or 100 hours
– Courses for 2 people: between 40 & 50 CHF / Hour – 30, 50 or 100 hours
– Semi-intensive courses (little groups)
——– 3 hours/week: renewable 4 weeks subscription: 300 CHF
——– 4 hours/week: renewable 4 weeks subscription: 400 CHF
– Intensive courses (large group):
——– renewable 3 weeks subscription: 600 CHF
– Tutoring classes
– Diploma preparation

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday - Thursday
9am - 12 am
(3 weeks intensive class) 12.02.2017 - 02.03.2017
600 CHF / 36 hours
Monday - Wednesday
4pm - 5.30pm
375 CHF / 15 hours
10am - 11am
300 / 10 hours

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Find us in the heart of Basel

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So many Elo students are now fluent in languages!
Read what they say about us...
Bio Suisse

Bio Suisse

Elo has successfully trained lots of our employees, who all really enjoyed their fun and easy method. Thanks Elo!

I got my diploma!

I got my diploma!

I was studying for my final year and was really struggling with English. The Elo teachers have adapted their method so I could finally unlock my fear and actually passed my English exam. Languages should be fun to learn and elo teachers know that!

Au Pair

Au Pair

Our Italian Au Pair was amazing with the children but we thought she needed to really gain something more from her experience here in Basel. We enrolled her at Elo and she instantly improved her German and gained a lot of confidence!

Young Mum

Young Mum

I arrived to Basel as a young mother, speaking only spanish. Elo allowed me to learn Deutsch with their Mum & Baby formula. My baby was well looked after by their babysitters so I could relax and learn! My life has changed.